A live score that increment based on button click

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to create a small website with an interactive score.

  • Users can click one of the 4 buttons available and add points to a global score. The buttons are: 50 points, 30 points, 25 points, 10 points.

  • The score is updated live and visible to all users. So all users see the same global score.

  • Users don’t have to log in into the website and a single user can click the buttons just once every 1h.

  • The score is saved on the server so will not be deleted if users delete browser’s cache.

Can I achieve this in bubble?

How would you propose to limit clicks to once an hour if a user isnt logged in? It’s not a “can I achieve this in bubble” question. Instead you need to figure out the logic and flow of how your app should work. And once you do that, the answer is YES, you can achieve it in Bubble.

NOTE: Never a good idea to allow DB changes from a non logged in user.

Easily :+1:

:point_up_2: But this , as @code-escapee said, is complicated. I would bet that this is almost impossible in the way you want.

If you set a cookie to user’s browser, they can delete the cookie and click again…
If you store their IP they can use a VPN…
They can use incognito…
They can use phones, tablets, other devices…

I don’t think you will be able to do it without some type of validation…

Perhaps ask the user’s phone and send him a token. To vote, he must insert this token. Doing this way you can block his phone from voting for the next 24 hours. But anyway, he can use other phone numbers (his mom’s phone, father, brother, friends…).