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Hi Bubblers.

In the same fashion as you can work on a new page and ‘set it as index’ (Index becomes index_old) — is there a way to work on a new version of an existing page (say accounts) and set it to be the new accounts page, where the old page becomes accounts_old.

The alternative is to delete the old version, rename the new and update many broken links.

Any ideas?


There is not a remap function for specific pages (that I’m aware of).

When I’m replacing a page and doing a “copy / paste with workflows” is not a viable option, I find it useful to use the “App Search Tool” to try and filter through most potential sources for broken links. Though following page deletions, the errors caught by the Issue Checker are usually spot on.


You’re basically just asking if you can rename a page (URL name). Yes, you can. The page navigation name is the label in the upper left of the page’s edit window. Just right click on an empty area if your page and select Edit.

Edit the name in the upper left part of the Edit dialog. (Same way you’d rename a Group, yeah?)

Took me a while to figure that out as well. Turns out it’s just staring one in the face! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And in case it’s not clear: just clone or “make a new page” with source being your “old” page. Work from there. … Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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It would be nice to have that ability, but I don’t think it is available today. The destination of a page nav action isn’t dynamic, so you can’t do a workaround of mapping in the db either. I get the use case though…about to dive into major surgery of the page, so you clone to edit and then want to update any links to the page once you are ready.

Based on the responses - it seems as though there isn’t a specific function to remap links from an old page to a new page, but thanks all for contributions - Dan1 - will follow your suggestion.

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