A new way to preview your page [ACTIVE STATES]

Is there a way to set your page to be a particular state on the editor, so when you’re in the editor, you can set the pages states so you can actively preview what’s going on with the page with the states enabled?

Example, my page has a state:
Favorite Fruit: Apple

I want to set my pages (editor) state to “apple” so I can see everything that happens when the state “apple” is selected. Rather then going to each individual element and turning on the condition, we can just enable that state on the page editor and see everything with that states conditional.

Just wondering if this is even a thing on here, or relatively possible to achieve with Bubble itself.

This is a lame answer but I usually just keep my dev app open on my other monitor and just hit refresh and test it out :joy: I don’t think there’s anything to “activate” the state on the editor because that could also trigger other workflows, etc that you wouldn’t be able to test in the editor