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A page doing an 'mget' request every 5 seconds


I have noticed that one of my pages is making an ‘mget’ to ElasticSearch roughly every 5 seconds, fetching the page’s Type of content. It’s requested by VirtualSessionHelper.js.

I have checked and I don’t seem to have a ‘Do every 5 seconds’ action on this page.

I do have several ‘Trigger a custom event when data changes’ actions on this page though.

Does anybody know what this is? It’s strange that only this page is doing this, and I am worried about performance (even though it’s calling ElasticSearch).


Do you have any plugins installed?

Yes actually, several. How could I know which plugin is doing that?

The first thing that comes to mind is to disable them all, then add them back one by one until you see the error again

I have the same problem, any clue?