A preview frame of a group on another page?

Hi guys, I’m looking for a way to do a preview of a group on another page.

Ex: say I have 2 pages in my app; page 1 is where I have a group called AA, and this group has all content/groups in it. On page 2, I want to be able to see a full preview of that group AA in a frame. Say the frame it’s just half of my page width.

Hope to find some solutions here. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @taufik.rubra and welcome to this community :smiley:
For what I understand, what you want is a picture preview of the group on another page-

While I’m not sure of how you would accomplish this (certainly you cannot do it with Bubble’s default functionality) what you can do is turn that group into a reusable element and use it on both pages.

If you want, you can set every input inside that group do disabled on one page in order to only allow interaction in the other page.

Hope I helped, if not, just tell me and I’ll do some more research :smiley:

Nice Bubbling !

Hi @joao1997domingues thank you.

I see. Yea I was thinking the same about converting it into a REU, but decided to make a copy of that group instead for some reasons. And since the “preview” is half the size I have to resize the copy manually.

Thanks for your reply. :wink:

reusable element is absolutely not the optimum solution for your inquiry, instead, you could use a screenshot plugin to generate a preview image of that group then save it to the database. until now, I only found this plugin which could do the work. But I am wondering if there are any free options :sweat_smile:.