A Problem with my Threads🧵 on my Chatbot🤖

When I click “Preview” and click the trash icon to close a thread, it doesn’t redirect me back onto the next thread. It just keeps me on an empty page.

I can still type in the message box but if I click “Send” the message disappears.

When the trash icon is clicked and a thread is deleted, I want it to automatically pull up the next thread.

Does anybody know how I can do this?

Here is a 1min video showing what I mean: https://youtu.be/0o4FLguBKLw

Thank you.

Are you using a state to decide what thread to show?

After deleting the currently selected thread you should set the state of the selected thread to the next one.

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I’m not using a state at the moment. How can I set a state for the next thread that I want to show up?

I solved the problem…finally lol.

I simply created a new action for 'When trash icon is clicked" etc etc (see in image)

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