A question of what Bubble can do


I am new to this site but I have an idea for a type of software I’d like to make and I’d like to figure out if Bubble would be the right tool to use.

I’d like to make sort of a combo between this site https://www.familyecho.com/ and this site http://scienceprimer.com/punnett-square-calculator, where I could create family trees and assign “genomes” to individuals on the trees and click a button to do multiple punnett squares of many traits at once.

I would doing this for my own use, not trying to make a business page or a large social website with user accounts necessarily. Could Bubble be used to make something like this? How difficult would it be for someone with no coding experience?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Bubble will definitely be able to do this. And an app like that would require no coding on bubble.

For a beginner I would recommend learning bubble the same way I did, that is watching bubble courses on Udemy as well as watching Gaby Roman on YouTube.

Seems like a really cool app you’re making. Would love to see it when you’re done.

Good luck!

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