A quick love note

Hey, Bubble. I’m so glad I found you and that you’re in my life.

I’m not an entrepreneur, or a developer, or an engineer. I’ve only ever learned obscure, niche, and now-dead software languages. You speak to my love of logic and disgust for syntax, to my simultaneous needs for bird’s eye organization and pixel-perfect alignment.

Bubble, I have to tell you something. I started a webcomic with a friend, and we decided … we decided to use WordPress to build the site. I know, I know! Trust me, it only took about twelve grueling hours slogging through the mired pits of development hell for me to run back to your soothing arms. Forgive me, Bubble. Just 90 minutes with you is all it took to make it better.

What is it that draws me back to you? Is it your repeating groups, your custom states, your color-coded workflow folders? Is it your user guide and support videos, that not even once have made me go, “Hrrnnh?!” You’re sleek and sexy, sure, but you’re sensible, too, and not only that but you know how to have fun, you know?

Bubble, you’re the total package. I’ll never look at another platform again, baby. You, uh, you seeing anybody else?


Glad to see you back with us! Our dance card is a little full – what with our Zapier, Airtable, and Segment integrations – but we’ll always make time for you. :wink: