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A simple click takes about 7 seconds to complete

Dear Bubblers, I need help in optimizing my app. I noticed a click takes 7 seconds to complete.

I dont have a heavy workflow, can you help me take a look?

Which action is having the issue?

Your workflows Sold Customer and Sold Salesman have way too many searches, I suggest you improve those IF they’re the ones taking too long. Don’t know if these are the ones you’re talking about but they do look heavy.

Here’s some stuff I wrote on performance:

On how to improve I suggest you taking a look at this quote about searches:

And this entire thread if you have the time:

Thanks, the issue is with the workflow “Sold Salesman”
Kindly help look at it. I have some “Do a search for” in the condition.
is there a way to optimize this?

Thanks for the help. I have a couple of Do a search for in workflow.

I am not to sure how to optimize this. I just started using bubble last month.
Please help check it out again.

Hi, I’ve just checked it, it still has 6 searches in just one workflow. It’s going to be slow, try reading the information on the links I’ve provided in my previous answer about how to improve it so it gets faster, it’s an essential knowledge when building on Bubble :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think 6 searches and averages calculations and about 3 database update on a single workflow may be the thing slowing down the application.
Someone suggested I convert a part of the workflow to custom states. I have to read up on that cos I dont know how that will help either.