A user allows another user access to their personal information


I want to allow a user to share his or her own personal information (Data type = UserPersonal) by specifying the email of the other user.

Does anyone know how I may go about doing this?

  • I currently have these privacy settings so that a user can only see his or her own information. Would I have to update these settings?
  • How would I go about giving permissions to the specific user to see the other users info?
  • I would also need to check if the user is an existing user or has to signup before he has access to the other users personal info.
  • I would need to notify the user that he has access to the other users info.


Have a field On the user which is of type User and tick the “this field is a list”.

Then use that list to hold the users who are allowed to see that user’s details. So “if this user is in that user’s allowed list”.

Thanks @NigelG.

I imagine it is really basic, but how do I add a user to a list (Sorry, I’ve never used lists). The user who wants to give permission to another user’s details specifies the user by typing the email in an input.



Tick this.

When the enter then email, you can do a search for the User with this email (:first item will be needed) then “add” that email to the list of authorised users.

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Thanks, I was struggling with (:first item). For the moment I only want to allow one user to have access to another users info, But I struggle to understand how I will manage multiple users.

Thanks again @NigelG

@NigelG is there a way to do this when the list field is on a Data Type other than User?

I’d like to have a Data Type called Access Type with the data being a list field (Admin, User Level 1, User Level 2, etc) and then set the permission of another Data Type (the sensitive data) to the Current User’s Access Type.

When I go to set the Privacy in the actual sensitive data the only options are Current User contains and the data itself. No option to reference the other Data Type called Access Type.

Here’s a screenshot:

And here’s an example app: Permissions | Bubble Editor

Thanks for any help.