A user can't see text on his device

Hi there!
One user can’t see sidebar menu items text. When I log in under this account from my own device - everything is perfect. For other user with the absolutely same roles - also works good. I also use Chrome browser (the same as that user). Log out / login made no changes.

There’s no special conditions to hide this text and it is alsways visible, and the size of it and its’ parents components is ok.
Any ideas what it can be?

Thank you in advance!

Is this happening on Windows, or Apple? (or on mobile)?

I recently had a similar issue where text elements were not displaying on Chrome/Edge on Windows, but were displaying perfectly fine on MacOS…

So, have you found a solution?

Not exactly… but it seems to be related to responsive height… but only on Windows.

So I just changed the height settings (I don’t remembers exactly how) on the text elements - which seemed to fix it in my case.

Thank you!