A user-context Landing Page (Concept) Desktop only

Hi Bubblers,

I want to share with you something I recently develloped as a proof of concept, I was thinking of convert it later into a template, if any interests.

This is a Landing page that dynamically changed according to user location, time and weather. When you reach the page, your location (through IP), the currend date and time and the weather at your location are stored. A scenario based on those conditions is searched in the database. If nothing found, you get the standard scenario…


Current Features

  • Create scenarios according to user conditions and specify different attributes of the page
  • Simulate a user to see which scenarios he/she would fit into

Current headache : finding a way to prioritize scenarios when user context overlap with several of them or when user context intersect only partially with a scenario…

I’d be happy to have your feedbacks on it and ideas about possible other features!

And of course, I’m looking forward to see your own scenarios, I got lot of fun to create mine :slight_smile:



I think the idea is really cool! :slight_smile: This reminds me of a new software I recently saw called RightMessage. I haven’t researched it fully but I think the general idea is very similar, where pages of your app change depending on the User viewing the page, so that the messaging is more relevant to the User.

RightMessage first sees where the User was before ending up on your site, and then adjusts landing page text (or any page text) based on what the User clicked, or how the User is ‘tagged’ in different email list software. I’m assuming a basic version of this is possible with Bubble parameters and conditional formatting. Here is a link to the demo I watched on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHQK0ngjVX4

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Really smart concept.

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Thanks for the reference @fayewatson It makes me thinking that user url origin might be an additionnal scenario conditions…Really like also the name “RightMessage”, because it’s really about that at the end!
A way also to analyze which scenarios get more conversion would be nice to understand which message was “rightest”…

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