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A warning for the entire no-code market?

I just ran across this article and it made me wonder how much of it might apply to bubble.

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I wouldn’t be too concerned about Bubble closing down and locking your app. They made a guarantee about open-sourcing Bubble if they ever go under.

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A bit rich coming from Ionic, whom they themselves use a no-code platform to host their blog… and people moan about bubble performance… try building a site with WP site then wrap it :face_with_monocle: oh the irony’

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Was thinking about this after the “Concerns with Bubble” thread drama, and I realized that a lot of the slowness of my Bubble app was because of my poor database design. I’m working on restructuring it, and removing code that loads on page load, as well as unnecessary plugins. I’ve already done a few of these and page loads are alright, not great, but workable. But the true test will come after the database restructure :smile: .