Ability to assign HTML5 tags to groups for SEO Purposes

I already submitted this to the idea board, but wanted to put this out there for others to see. I would like to have the ability to choose which HTML5 tag is used on a group just like I can choose between Normal and h1 - h6 on a text element. The tags that I would like to see as options on the group would be:

  1. div (this would be the default)

  2. header

  3. footer

  4. main

  5. article

  6. section

  7. aside

  8. nav

I’m currently in the process of building a blog and knowledge base and it would be great to provide the pages structure so SEO crawlers could better understand what the page is composed of.

Hi @jdiaz,

So I think you can already do this with the HTML element. You can place dynamic values inside of it as well.

i.e. “<article> Current User’s Blog Post <\article>”

Would this solve your problem?


@ziyadelbaz - that solution would work if I was just displaying text and wanted to style the page using css. I want to use those tags while building out a larger page structure. I still want to use Bubble’s drag ‘n’ drop designs and styles to build the page.