Ability to Bundle Plugins in the Marketplace


I am creating a set of plugins that connect Bubble Apps to Google Firebase. Different parts of Firebase will have different plugins. While I am primarily building these plugins for my own application, they will also be released to the Marketplace.

Is it possible to bundle multiple plugins in the Marketplace so that a fellow user can get access to the suite of Firebase tools, without having to buy each plugin separately?

Why create separate plugins? Why not put all the functionality into one plugin?

A single plugin can have multiple UI elements, multiple client- and server-side actions, multiple API’s, etc.



Because different parts of Firebase structure their API differently. I may be able to create multiple different calls to a single API, but can’t have two separate APIs in a single plugin. At least not according to the screenshot below - no problem adding more calls, but no option to add a new API.

So, this plugin can be used for Firebase Auth, but because Cloud Firestore has a different api structure, it will require a separate plugin.

Indeed, I forgot that’s one of the ways the plugin editor differs from the API Connector. I never quite understood why, but you’re right.

To answer your original question, though, I’m not aware of any way to bundle plug-ins in the marketplace as you describe.


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No worries, thanks Steve :slight_smile: