Ability to customize the event's CSS for Bubble's Full Calendar plugin

Hello everyone!

I am using Bubble’s Full Calendar Plugin to show records based on their due dates as events inside the calendar.

The default behavior of this plugin is to show the time as 12p 1:42p as prefix to all events which it fetches from the data/time field I am using for the due dates and there is no option to toggle it off or to customize all event’s padding/margin etc.

I would really appreciate any help if there is a way to customize these events or any hacky solutions someone has found.

Thank you.

Here I described how you can setup a global style sheet for your app.

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Thank you very much for the tip. I will consider this when the plugins I use are shared across different pages.

I was able to find a workaround for the question I asked : I inspected the CSS class that the calendar uses with web browser tool and added a HTML element to the page where I used this calendar and override the CSS classes as per my need.

However this is just a quick workaround and I would really like if Bubble would add more styling options in the editor.


@kevin15 Appreciate the workaround suggestion, Kevin. It successfully resolved the issue for my specific use case as well.