Ability to handle 10000 page views an hour

I have found a place to share my site that will pretty much get it a LOT of traffic (10, 000 page views an hour likely).

The site consists of a form (create a post data type) and then a repeating group (data source: Do a search for: all posts: sorted by a number field on the post) below the form.

The site is really barebones… but does anyone know if it will be able to handle this traffic and what plan? What is anyone’s experience with this… I don’t want to launch and the site goes down automatically!!! or I launch and have to pay so much to keep it up!!!

Appreciate any help at this stage.

Scale slowly, take on a limited number of users, test and debug, review feedback and improve. Then take on more users.

During this process:

Assess the timing of your workflows via Google Developer Console - Performance testing.

Monitor the usage and scale server when required.

I found that you can create an application with 1000s of users and 10s of thousands of processes. But you need to do this in parts, each time, we load up new users on any of our clients systems, we have discovered better ways of doing things for larger audiences.

Consider this a constant process, but eventually dependent on the complexity and how smartly you have created the processes, you can scale to to this.