About additional loading to datatypes

strong text I want to add and load data created in another datatype with the current datatypes, but I don’t know how. I want to specify a field and add it.

Can you explain it a bit more.

Thank you for your response.
There is a DB (bubble) for A and a DB (bubble) for B. I want to add the data created in the B DB to the A DB.

So, If i get it correctly you have two app, and you are trying to have data available to another app. you can use bubble app connector API

I want to do it between two datatypes in the same app.

You’re getting a database and data table confused.

You have two data tables. To add a new B to A, create a field of type B on A in the data tab, and make changes to A so that the new field = B (the created thing)

I am sorry I do not understand.

Are database and data table the same thing?

Would you please explain how can I move date from Data table A to Data table B?