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About domains names

Hi there :blush:
I am building an app where the clients will be able to build their own business page.
I wanted them to be able to get their own domain name and integrate it with the page.

So for instance if my website is

And a customer page is

And now Jason got his own
How can I integrate with my

Hope you got what I mean.
Thanks a lot x

Did you checked below plugin?

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Will do thanks so much

It’s a bit expensive tho!
Please let me know if there’s any other options.

Please any thoughts or reviews on this ?


Interesting that you find $48 one time charge expensive.
For what you get and the time it would take you to create that level of sophistication that comes out of the box, it’s a no brainer if it’s what you need.
Apps (their term for plugin) on Shopify are (almost all) monthly subscription based and $48 per month would be not expensive with some running into many USD100s per month.
In fact, one of the major benefits of Bubble is the massive bang for your buck across the board compared to the likes of Shopify.

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No I didn’t mean “their label” plugin that cost $48 once is expensive, this is ideal actually.
I meant the first plugin the gentleman recommended was paying monthly and it so expensive for me
It’s $25 a month on top of paying for bubble subscription, for someone with low budget anda small ambitious projects. Its a bit much .

This other new plugin was announced.
Could be another option for you.
[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

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