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About sorting cells in repeating group

Currently, I have a data type called “folder”, and I put another data type called “post” in it and display it as a repeating group. Clicking on a folder will take you to the “Folder” page, where the “Posts” in the “Folder” will be displayed.

There is a number called “sort number” in the post type, and the location of “post” can be rearranged by changing the number of input (sort number of “post”) placed in the repeating group. … The input can be changed by auto-binding, and the numbers are sorted in ascending order so that the posts can be sorted.

As for the main subject, you can add not only your own posts but also posts created by all users to the current folder. However, the above method will be reflected when the same post is in your other folders or when other users sort.

After all, do I have to create it as my new one when I add it to the folder?
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