About using an external SDK for Native App in Bubble.

First of all, I want to thank you for developing such a great tool as Bubble!

I am aware that Bubble can be run as an app as well as a web application. I have a question about the Agora.

I am also aware that I can create my own plug-ins for Bubble using an external SDK. I have a detailed concern about using an external SDK in Bubble.

My concern is whether it is possible to implement a plugin on Bubble using a native app specific SDK? This is the question. Specifically, I would like to use Agora’s SDK for native apps to create and use plugins. The reason for this is that the native app SDK allows for more customization of sound quality than the web SDK.

Is it possible to use Agora’s SDK for iOS and Andoroid with Bubble?

The web has its own SDK for the web.
Isn’t it just a wrapping of the web SDK for the app?

Or can I use the native SDK as is by creating my own plugins?

There appears to be a couple of plugins that call the Agora Service API already up in the marketplace.

If you want to DIY your own plugin around the Agora Native Node.js module there are also at least a half dozen plugins that provide Native functionality for various features. Your idea looks sound and do-able. Likely a lot of trial and error to get there, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Thank you.
I know Zeroqode and Umair Akram. But, I need to DIY. That is because If I use the plugins made by Zeroqode and Umair Akram, I can’t change the parameter for sound quality adjustment. But, If I made new plugin made by myself, I can.
If I made such plugin, can I sell our plugin?
Then, How much revenue do you think you can expect approximately?
Please refer to other Agora plugins.

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Those are all tough questions. I can tell you that if you are asking those questions for yourself you are heading in the right direction. I’m just not going to be much help in giving you specific direction. Other than yes if you can put together a plugin that implements Agora with OS Native controls then you should be able to put it into marketplace. Now whether or not that gets you a return on your invested development time…that’s a whole other story.