Above the fold - new responsive engine?

Hey, I feel like this should be something pretty simple that I am just missing but searching returns a lot of results for “folders”.

I am creating a website and want one group to be “above the fold” (what’s visible in the browser without scrolling) on desktop and mobile.

Is this simple to do or a bit more difficult?

I’m not really understanding your question/issue…

What exactly are you having trouble with regarding this?

Are you asking if you can dynamically set an element’s position? (depending on screen height?)

Or something else?

Hey Adam, apologies for not providing enough detail. I suppose I am trying to dynamically set an element’s position/scale size based on screen size (mobile, desktop, etc) using the responsive engine.

Here is what it currently looks like on mobile which is correct, the “header nav bar” and “welcome section” take up the whole screen:

But on desktop, you start seeing the next section which I do not want. I want the welcome section to take up the whole screen on desktop as well and the other content to be below the fold:

Here are some examples where it is implemented https://www.hubspot.com/ and https://missinglettr.com/

Additional examples

Does that help at all with the issue I am facing? Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification!