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Accept Bancontact payments via Stripe.js


I’m building an app that should allow payment processing via Bancontact. It’s the most used payment processor in Belgium. I am using Stripe.js but can’t seem to find a way to change the type to Bancontact instead of Credit Card.

Is anyone can help, that would be really great!


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Hi. Does anyone have a solution ?

Hi Ulruch,

Do you need one time payments or recurring payments?

Hi @nocodeventure I need one time payments. Is it possible ?

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I have just added it to the Mollie Plugin


Link Plugin:

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Thank you very much. I will let you know if it works.
Do you speak french?

Shout out if you need assistance. I speak Dutch or English. The plugin should work.

You can create a free test account on Mollie.

OK I will test it and I will text you if I’m stuck.

But right now, it doesn’t work. I can’t make a fake payment.

This is a demo. You need to install the plugin


Is the plugin working? It would be great!

Werkt de plugin? Ik probeer mollie te integreren in een project en een plugin zou hier ideaal voor zijn.

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Uiteraard werkt de plugin. Je dient wel voor het gemak de Workflows door te nemen op de editor om even door te nemen hoe het werkt. :slight_smile:

Super! Bedankt! Ik houd je de hoogte :slight_smile:


Even voor de zekerheid, Het gaat hier toch om bancontact en niet om sepa betalingen, toch?

Beiden zijn mogelijk

I sent you a message. I need your help :wink: Thank you very much.

Replied. You can find the plugin here

Hoi @nocodeventure,

I am as well looking into integrating a means for subscription payments via iDeal into my app.

A few quick questions:

  • What is the advantage of using Mollie vs. Stripe?
  • Do you still support and keep the plugin up-to-date?
  • Would it be possible to define a free trial period at the beginning of a new subscription, e.g. first time charging after 4 weeks?

Btw, also situated in NL and speaking Dutch if easier :wink:

Hi George,

You should be able to specify a start date using the action workflow ‘Create Subscription’ with the Mollie plugin along with the Interval and the other available parameters.

To make it easier, looking at the demo app with some example calls and the Mollie documentation for the user flow, will make it a lot easier to implement the Plugin into your web app.

For trial periods, I would suggest implementing that on your side before creating an actual customer in Mollie.

p.s. I do keep this plugin up-to-date as well as responding to any queries or issues from end-users.