Accepting Joining Requests

I have an ActivityGroup table. Any member who wants to join the activity clicks a button to request. I know I can create two fields (both list types) in this table and name those fields membership requests and members (once I add them). I have tested this and it is working and data correctly displayed in repeating groups as well. However, for some reason I do not want these two fields in this table.

I have created a separate table (Memberships) for those and every time a member requests to join the group, a new row is created. This table has fields like Activity (Activity data type), Member (of the User data type) There is a status field also which shows membership accepted, rejected, requested.

I want that before a new record is added in this table, the program should check whether the same member and activity are already present in the Memberships table. If not, only then should the record be added. Mind you this is not the list type where ‘contains’ can be used. These are individual rows. Since I am checking both user and group, will I need to make a concatenated field? Or can I use two constraints one for each. In any case, I am not able to figure out how to do it. I did try the do search but it did not work out.

Can anyone help?


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