Access data field of a data type through another data type

am trying to create an activity feed for my app am having two data type called user and feeds, and having a data field inside user that refers to feeds but i cant actually get the data inside those fields

"current user feed description " something like this workflow wont bring out anydata.

That’s because “Current User’s Feeds Description” doesn’t actually make sense here. The “feed” in your DB is a list of feeds, so you would need to specify which of the individual feeds you want the description for.

Just looking at your setup, it feels like a “feed” is just a list of posts. I would think the “feed” item on the user is a list of posts, and you’d be be wanting a repeating group of type “Posts” that has Current User’s Feed as the data source.

@andrewgassen kind of not getting you, let me explain it well, the post will hold all post made by each user, the feed will hold description of each post made by each user, now i want my current user to be able to see the description of the post made by other user which ls in feed data type, the other workflow statement was wrong,