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Access data from a hidden group or closed popup

I have a popup which contains lots of information about a conference the user manages.
The popup itself has its own sidebar menu in order to select which group within it to show

  • Event information
  • Costs
  • Actions
  • Notes and attachments


Each group is hidden when not selected by the sidebar menu. When save is clicked, the popup closes in order for me to show a ‘saving spinner’ on the main page while the conference information is being saved. While saving the conference information, it will be accessing this closed popup (within which all except 1 of the groups were hidden). I seem to be able to access all the inputs, dropdowns, time pickers etc using this method, even with the popup being closed and most of the groups in that popup being hidden.

However, when a friend tested my app out, a lot of information wasn’t saved correctly (in fact it made much of the conference’s data null). I’m starting to worry that maybe my method isn’t foolproof - would there be some instances whereby the data that is inputted in this popup, when closed, wont be accessible?

On my laptop i’m getting 100% success rate, however this one error on my friend’s has got me questioning if I’ve done this incorrectly :worried:.

So in short - can I access data from a closed popup? Can I access data from within that popup which was contained in hidden groups?


I believe you can. When an element is hidden it’s values are still accessible. You could set customStates on your page based on the values of these inputs and then use those states when editing data in the database. That way there shouldn’t ever be an issue.

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