Access Information asigned to User

I have two Databases.

  1. User
  2. Studio

Every Studio can have 1 User. They share a Studio_ID which is the primary key.

Now I want to give Users the opportunity to edit the Studio Information that is created by them.
Somehow I don’t get it working.
Currently I have this:

The error is, that the result is not one studio, but a list. A workaround would be to add “first item” to the Datasource. But I’m afraid that this runs into issues in the future.

Any help?

I don’t know how you’ve got your database set up…

But assuming it’s set up correctly all you need to do is search for Studios who’s User is the current User…(then select 'first item)

Or, assuming it’s the Users themselves who create the Studio entries in the database, an even simpler way is just to do a search for Studios created by the current User… (again, select first item).

Or… assuming a User can only have 1 studio, and that is stored on the User datatype as a field of type ‘Studio’, then an even simpler way is just to use Current User’s Studio as the data source.