Access Link as being clicked

I would like to be able to register the fact that a link has been clicked. I use links for social sharing and I’d like to be able to offer analytics to users to show the number of times their listing has been shared on different social media sites.

The simple idea is to have a data field on the listing for number of shares and every time a social share link is clicked, the number would be increased by 1 in the DB.

Problem with that is there is no way to register the fact that a link has been clicked.

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Hey @boston85719

Not a perfect solution, using an expression copy/paste hack, but see below, might be useful:

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for that. Really helps. I had not thought about using the conditionals from other elements. It is sort of the same method I use for some other things that the workflow conditionals don’t allow, but element conditionals do.

The main difference in the setup is I usually make a shape visible based on a conditional and then have a workflow conditional for when the shape is visible. I picked that up on the thread a while back to get around workflow conditionals shortfalls.

Thanks again, this should definitely work for what I am attempting to do and if the app gets the traffic will really help with some insightful analytics for users dashboard.

Hey @boston85719

Glad it was helpful.

Yes there are a few neat tricks, the shape one you mentioned is also a handy one too.