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Access Links in a Workflow

Is there a way to somehow access Links in a workflow? I’m trying to track the external links that my users click. Does someone have a way that they track links users click in their app? I’ll explore this with Google Analytics but I’m wondering if there is a way to manage this within Bubble?


There are a few ways you can do it based on how you build your database.

You can create a data type in your app called Links. Then create a field for the name of the link and other fields for any other information you want to collect such as which page the user is on or which user is clicking it.

Then in your workflow for the link, add a new event that adds an entry to the database and make sure to collect all the data you want to track.

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Thanks for your reply. How do you access the link in the workflow? I’m not seeing how to access ‘when the link is clicked’ condition in the workflow?..

Create a text. Start/edit workflow.

Workflow: When text is clicked
First action: navigate to an external website
Second action: Data, create a new thing

I don’t think you can create workflows for links so you’ll have to create a text and then add an action to make it a link.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, it looks like no workflows for links. :cry: Your approach is fine expect that for the purpose of my app, I need to open links in an external tab, so the text as a link option doesn’t fit in this case.

If your primary use case is analytics and tracking, I’d highly suggest sticking with Google analytics or Mixpanel.

Also, it might be a bug, but if you create a text, add the workflows you want, then right click the text and replace it with a link, you can get the workflows and the new tab functionality. I’m pretty sure this is unintended behavior, so use at your own risk

Thank you