Access to Bubble pages within plugin?

Are the pages created by a user accessible within a plugin? Let’s say, for instance, I wanted to allow a user to select an existing page and then navigate to it, similar to a link element or the navigation action. Is that doable?

One way of doing it is by assigning an ID Attribute on the page level. Then access the element using it’s ID

Thanks, @AliFarahat. I assume you mean have the plugin user assign an ID to a link element on the page, right?

So I guess there are no developer “hooks” into the Bubble environment to be able to access “internal” entities, such as if I wanted to present the user with a list of pages from my plugin’s property editor?

Hmm, I might have to rethink things.

That’s what i mean ya.

No you don’t have direct hooks.

Thanks much. I’ve used element ids before but didn’t realize one could be assigned to the page itself.

Anyway, I have another approach I’m exploring, which could have some useful applications. Will post to the forum when I have a demo ready.