Accessibility Issues and VPAT Compliance

Our app is being audited by customers for accessibility. For reference, we work with Universities and some are requiring that we prove our app is accessible to users with disabilities (blind/deaf/etc.).

We added the accessibe widget at first to tackle this issue. Now we are running into other issues where they are saying that these widgets are actually worse for Users at times and not a good solution.

Some of the main issues that we are running into is allowing Users to navigate our app using the keyboard using the screen reader softwares. Specifically we can’t seem to find a way for them to use or access the main navigation bars as they are in floating groups and the tab button never gets to them.

Another issue is in the way the screen readers see “buttons” we have groups with icons and text as “buttons” but for some reason it is only picking up the icons and not the whole group.

Has anyone else came across these issues and know what we can do?

As I am researching this further, I believe the main issue would be solved if we simply had control over the tab order on the page. Does anyone know if there is any intention from Bubble to fix that issue? It seems that elements are tabbed in order of creation, not from top to bottom?

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