Accessing certain data based on permissions

Objective: have a document data type, and only people with certain permissions can access certain documents

What would be the best way to structure my database for this and the repeating group logic to work?

In Data > Privacy you can set rules as to who has permissions with various access controls.
Have you checked that out yet?

my objective is more client side. ex: a user with the member permission can view documents a, b, and c, and then users with the staff permission can view documents x, y, and z. permission will be assigned in the admin panel.

yea just make a permissions field that is a list of text. each user’s permissions could contain something like “CREATE”, “UPDATE”, “DELETE”, “VIEW” (or whatever you want/need that’s specific to you)

then give each document a scope like the above. and if a user matches that scope they can interact with it in such a way.

ill try it out, thanks!

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