Accessing 'current cell's index' from within reusable element nested in RG

Hey Bubblers,

I’ve run into an interesting issue that I think could be a bug:

The setup: I’ve got a context menu that’s nested within a reusable element, that is then nested within a repeating group so it shows per cell. I’ve set a condition on the ‘Delete’ menu item that toggles its visibility to off if the ‘current cell’s index is 1’ as I don’t want the last card to ever be deleted.

Oddly, this actually works perfectly when the app is run as you can see here:

The problem is that the Bubble editor marks these conditions as issues… I assume its because the data that is being sent to the reusable element (the card) doesn’t provide any information on the RG that contains it, or that because the condition is on a group that isn’t within an RG directly (as its in a reusable element) and its throwing an error.

I find it very odd that it works, yet Bubble is telling me it doesn’t. Its extra annoying as I can’t deploy my changes even though they work… :see_no_evil:

If someone could help me with a workaround or confirm this is a bug, that would be helpful.


I’ve had things like this happen in the past as well.

You can turn off the issue checker, I put up a post about it in the past (search the forum and ye shall find)

Once you turn off the issue checker you can then deploy to live.

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Thank you sir, I’ll use with caution. Appreciate the tip.

For anyone else who has this issue:

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