Accessing Data From Another App Via App Connector Keeps Giving Me Max 100

I have a bubble app that houses all of the data for the child apps and I am using the bubble app connector to get the data from the data app but it keeps pulling a count of 100 from the data center app even though the Thing count should be in the 1000’s.

I have tried to set ‘number of items’ to 10,000 but it still pulls and displays count=100



What am i doing wrong exactly?

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Does anyone know if this is a bug or a known limitation??

Seems to be a bug to me unless I’m misunderstanding the ‘number of items’ setting.

Hi @JustinC, the limit is 100. See:

You’ll need to use the cursor field to see the next page of 100 items.


@romanmg thanks for this. I didn’t realize.

If I’m using a repeating group to display the data from a different app (data center/housing app) is there a way to call the next set of 100 items as the repeating group gets scrolled?

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