Accessing state from Reusable Elements

I want to use default states to display/hide groups. These default states are set on group elements from a reusable element. I want to access the default state from the pages where the re-usable element is used.

This saves me some time in setting up Workflows to show/hide groups. I’ve had this restriction a few times and wonder if this can be implemented.

So, I would like to access Menu Admin’s Group User’s state is yes/no > Hide/Display group. My workaround for now would be to set the default state on a random group.

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Put the state directly on the REU and you’ll be able to access it from the page.


I have a navigation group with five different groups. I could use a state that uses text though and set it on the reusable element itself. Thanks for the suggestion.

@nocodeventure, take a look at @gaurav’s ‘Env’ plugin as well. You can pass states across multiple reusables and to the page that way. Works a treat!