Action execution failing if conditions are set

Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure if this is effecting just me or others but this is the problem.

On page load I have a series of events fire, one of these is setting a custom state as a database value, then triggering a custom event using that set value.

Everything runs perfect but as soon as I add a condition anywhere that is associated with that custom event the run JavaScript action (from the toolbox plugin and also the run js action from the BDK plugin) fails to fire. Every other action runs perfect, except the js action. If I remove the condition, then the js action fires fine.

The condition I am setting is a user based condition. When setting the custom state I am attempting to run the custom workflow only if a user field in the entry doesn’t contain the current user. This has worked perfect for me over the past 2 years of using bubble, but now I’m having this issue.

I have tried using it as a filter when setting the custom state, have tried using it as a condition when triggering the custom event, have tried using it as a terminate workflow of condition met and also directly on the js action to only run if the user isn’t in the field. All has failed.

Has anyone else had this issue at all recently and have you found a fix? I have attempted every possible workaround that bubble is capable of to no avail.


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