Action to update RepeatingGroup data from plugin works briefly, then data disappears

Hi, I have a dropdown that allows the user to pick from between a few options. I have created a workflow for the dropdown such that when the selected value changes, I retrieve a list of text items from an external API and display them in a RepeatingGroup.

The weird thing is, the retrieved data briefly flashes up in the RepeatingGroup – the API call and the updating of the RepeatingGroup is working! But, it is only present for a frame or so, and then the displayed text goes away.

If there were two text items returned, the RepeatingGroup still will display two items – they are just empty.

What’s going on? How can I debug whether or not this is happening on the RepeatingGroup side or on the plugin side?

Many thanks!

use the debugger tool that is on the bottom of the preview page. Use the step by step to see the setting of the values, and use the inspect to check the values in the elements after the setting of the values. Use inspect tool to check the text element to see if you have conditions causing the value to not be visible.