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Action transform a floating group into a normal group


I saw a Bootstrap template a button that did the action: transform a floating group into a normal group (and vice versa).

Is there a way to make this?


Hi there, @felipegranado… if you right-click on the floating group, you will see an option to replace the element type, and you can replace it with a normal group. Is that what you are trying to do?


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It’s not like that.

I want it to be an action:

when clicking on a button (or icon) → transform a floating group into a normal group.


Oh, I don’t think that’s possible. If you have a resource that appears to do it, please share.

You could have a floating group and a normal group on a page and hide/show one or the other when a button is clicked, but again, I don’t know of a way to convert an element to another type of element via a workflow.

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I believe that a plugin that adds a container (group) with the bootstrap code can provide this functionality… or add an HTML element.

The template example… Works on PC template.