Actions after system outage 🤷🏻‍♂️

I don’t have any specific issues but latest outage got me little worried.
I’m wondering if there are the right steps to take after system outages.

Should you check in on your users asking them if they experience any trouble, if any payments didn’t go through etc. And solve issues one-by-one or is there more systemic approach to such issues?

I think the answer is entirely dependent on the nature of your app and your users. It would be prudent to develop a support system for your app; at the very least, develop some way to communicate with your user base outside of your Bubble app.

For example, we used ActiveCampaign to mass email our subscriber list yesterday to warn them there was a major outage and reassure them that we were aware of it and that it was being worked on. Then, when service returned to normal, we emailed them again to give the “all clear”. We also encouraged them to submit a support ticket if they were still encountering any difficulties.

Our support form and knowledge base are on a separate website from our Bubble app. We use Gravity Forms on a WordPress website for our support form but there are plenty of ways to go about this.


Interesting insights! Yeah email seems to be the best and simplest solution! :v: Thanks Brian!

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It’s my pleasure! Trial by fire, sometimes… It’s how we learn the quickest! :smiley:

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