Actions Just Disappearing

Has anyone noticed that Bubble actions sometimes just randomly disappear?

We have quite a big app, and we occasionally find that a feature breaks down, when we go in to see what is wrong, an action that was previously there and working fine has suddenly disappeared. We haven’t deleted anything or restored, I have no explanation. I have found it occur on multiple apps.

@neerja any idea on this? Has Bubble restored to backup recently that would have removed any changes we made on the app?


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@help Actions shouldn’t disappear and there are no recent deploys that can do this. One potential factor can be if your app had unsaved changes

They should be saved as we had previously deployed them to live, then suddenly they just disappear a few days/weeks later.

it happened to me a few months ago, now i save development deployments after every big change or multiple changes.

As the app is quite big, we turn issue checking off.

Would that be a factor in workflow steps going missing when they are made live ?

(“You can turn issue checker off?,” he asked.)

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"By adding a parameter ‘issues_off=true’ " they said.


@help Keep some regular backup, and compared them. I lost some actions today, probably caused by human undo (many tabs opened). Not easy to track. It happened 4-5 hours ago. And for me, issues_off=true is not a good idea, I need to know on the spot when issues happening (well… for sure on LIVE you can do it).

I noticed that when I use the undo button that it is very unstable. Sometimes I will notice that it undid something that I didn’t want it to. Or, I cant figure out what it undid because it didn’t undo what the most recent action.

Do you use undo a lot? I try to avoid this now.

“it reduces our app’s editor memory usage by a factor of ten” he added.


No, not really. The app is pretty mature, and some things have been working for months and then … stop working. On investigation it seems that one action has disappeared.

I would hold my hand up if I thought it was human error (and I mess up for sure) but these are not areas we have touched.

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Well that certainly is frustrating. I hope you can get an answer as to why it disappeared like that. :confused:

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Ditto. Have had the same issues. Some completely untouched part suddenly has a missing/unconnected workflow.

Have not yet been able to observe a pattern or recreate this, so have never filed a bug report for this.