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Actual Limits of Bubble

Hi, trying to persuaded my partner to eventually ‘switch’ completely our operation with Bubble and put out my php ressource (at least make him work on pure php code, and not external design… waste of time!)

He asked me (I don’t have the answers…):

  1. What happened to our application if owners of Bubble ‘died’ tomorrow. There’s any backup and can we continue our operation or have to RESTART from zero? (sensitive question, I know).
  2. What will be the cost to have our own server (with Bubble installed)? (as backup solution in time of crisis)

Questions I have:

  1. What will be the best practice knowing my app will be both use for Responsive and Web base. Do I configure initially for Responsive, and redirect Web Base on another Page inside the app, and have a select button in front page (index) saying Mobile or Web?
  2. What are the limits of Bubble that we have to know initially at this precise moment?
  3. Know the difference between Bubble (19$month) versus OutSystem (2000$month)?
  4. Multi Language Site (ie French and English) easy? How to proceed?

At this step of my research on Bubble (and courses I paid to learn faster) I’m trying to only valide if Critical Timing Application can be suitable with Bubble. But I have now an obsession with Bubble, for many reasons and it cloud my judgement :slight_smile: I endorsed the way it is.

At this point, I will recommended to continue our actual operation and in parallel, reproduce completely our operation on Bubble. Let see what will happen. The initial investment $ will be returned in short and medium time in my knowledge. I really want to be one of the first working with Bubble for Enterprise-Professional-Application done with Bubble (even I’m a pure amateur with Bubble still now :slight_smile: )


Sorry off topic but which courses are you paying for?

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Very nice tutorial :




We’re not planning on dying tomorrow, but if that happens, we committed to release an open source version of our code so that people can run on their own platform. As we’re woking on our enterprise software solution right now (meaning we’ll enable people to have a dedicated instance of Bubble), the migration won’t be too hard (but hopefully you won’t have to).

Regarding the difference with OutSystem, at first sight, the spirit in the same, Bubble is probably younger and built using more modern technologies. Regarding the pricing, we’re probably cheaper for a similar (if not better) offering, but that’s because of a difference in positioning. We want to empower companies, but also individuals (not simple a business strategy, it’s also a value/vision thing), and individuals can pay 19/mo, i doubt they’d pay 200. I hope you’ll get to the production plan soon though, that means your business is growing :slight_smile:


Bubble is a No Code platform making it very easy for almost anyone to create an application, but you’re locked into the platform and have no control of the infrastructure. The price is reasonable for the features provided and the limitations that come with the platform. They are the only truly No Code platform that I have come across.

OutSystems is a Low Code rapid application development and delivery (RADD) platform. Without developers you can only get so far, but it produces code that you could take with you even if you stopped using their platform. It is meant more for medium to large enterprises, and has more enterprise type features. Many organizations use OutSystems to build new interfaces for legacy systems that are firmly entrenched, but have terribly old interfaces that are difficult to use on the web.