Ad Management System

I want to implement an ad management system into the Bubble site I’m building. Are there any plug-ins that can help me get started? I’d like users to pay for the ad via Stripe. They can then upload their image and copy for approval. It would then run for a set period of time or on a certain date (like a Classifed ad or Google Ad)

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You can easily do this through data. Just have a group that displays an image, then have the it search for the list of your ads, add a constraint for only approved ones. Purchasing ADs you can just install the Stripe plugin by Bubble and before they make a payment you make the upload their AD, name, etc whatever you want then when they pay and it goes through create a new piece of data with the Ad and properties of the AD.

Regarding the time, right now I can only think of scheduling workflows, not sure if anyone else has an idea.

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