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Adalo vs Bubble for mobile

Guys, who have launched both Adalo & Bubble mobile apps, what would be your recommendation and why? Is Adalo as powerful as Bubble in any way?

Adalo is very straight forward. You can build an app in couple of hours if you are good playing/learning new programs & interfaces. I would say there is nearly no learning curve :slight_smile: but it is much more rigid. You are limited on what you can build. If your case works with Adalo I would build with adalo since it will be much faster ,easier to launch , test and gather feedback.

Bubble has a learning curve but there are plenty of very high quality tutorials . The things you can build Bubble can not be compared to Adalo.


Thanks for your input. I appreciate. :fist:

I’d probably go Thunkable for your mobile app :wink:

Or appygyver it’s free