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I am looking for any insight about adapting my app for mobile. I have read this article How to Adapt Your Bubble App to Mobile which is quite informative but it does offer several options so I wanted to see if there was anyone willing to share insight/experience/suggestions on the best route. I am simply looking to have my fairly basic stock trading app to run as smooth as possible and accessible for both iOS and Android.

I realize this question might be too subjective or contain unknowns which make it difficult to answer, and I respect all of your time, so obviously open to whatever knowledge you are willing to share.



You may need to give us some examples of what you mean or are experiencing so we can offer solutions

Thank you for getting back and I apologize for the vagueness! So once I have built the app and tested it for bugs etc and am ready to release it for public consumption, I was wondering the best way to go about this…

I will have to go back and make adjustments as per this section of the article

Prepare your Bubble App for a Mobile Experience

Which gives various tips on preparing the app for mobile…

It is this next section that I am unsure about-

Compare Mobile Wrappers: Native vs. PWAs

It goes on to give pros and cons of both, as well as a list of third party platforms that provide wrapping services.

It was here I was interested in any personal testimony, reviews, good/bad experiences, basically anything you might be willing to share from your experience/expertise in this process.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Additionally when the article says design a one page app, are they suggesting to have the entire app run on a single page (I’m assuming the index) and if so would you suggest this as well?

Again I understand I am asking a lot and perhaps in not the most comprehensible way but do greatly appreciate your time and any advice!

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From my experience Natively has been the most user friendly one to user over the other two I tried and yes, it is all on one page.

Does not have to be the index page but just one page.

I have only really done this for two platforms so far so I don’t think I can give a massive amount of insight :frowning:

It was super easy for android to get on the playstore but ISO… fuck me dead… pain in the ass

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Hahaha good to know! And thank you so much for your time and advice this is extraordinarily helpful!

Thanks again!