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Good evening fellow creators and problem solvers.

I have encounterd a problem that when i want to add + 1 to default database value 0, it just replaces the 0 with 1 and then stays 0 every new time. The same happens with selected stars. When user select 5 and the next user uses 2, then it just replaces 5 to 2, instead of making it 7

The context is rating system.
Rating -selected stars
Total ratings - this is the +1 everytime star is clicked
Average rating - This divides total ratings number with Rating value summ

I can’t see anything wrong there…

Have you checked in the debugger, or your server logs to see what’s going on?

Im building this app for almost year, but i have never tried to use debugger & logs, so im not sure if i would be able to find what im needed there ::smiley:

Also just tried to make simple +1 button for the same purpose. (when ever click button add +1 and then / value. Works like that, but just not here

Well, without being able to see your app, I doubt anyone can help here…

So I suggest getting to grips with using the debugger and reading the server logs, as between them they should show you exactly what’s going wrong…

Or, share a link to your editor, so someone else can look in the debugger/logs for you and I’m sure someone will spot the issue pretty quickly…

First of all, thank you adamhholmes for your quick replies and shown support.

Here is the editor link you or somebody else:

The rating stars are located in Messages group. And workflow in Ratings folder.

Your privacy ruse don’t allow access to the ‘Number of Ratings’ field on the User, so you’ll never be able to access that number in order to add to it…

So when you try, that number will just be empty, so when you add ‘1’ you’ll only ever get 1.

You need to change your privacy rules to allow access to that field in order to add to it.

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Thats insane. After 5h back and forwards, i would anyway wouldnt figure it out to this one.
I give you 11/10. Thanks, ure the man. :star_struck: :star_struck:

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