Add a condition where a reusable dropdown contains value, than only show the text box. Is it possible?


I have added a dropdown at 10 places ,this is a reusable element. Now next to each dropdown is a text box. I don’t want this text box to be empty when a dropdown value is selected. I don’t see a condition when this reusable dropdown contains value than text box cannot be empty. If i add a new dropdown which is not reusable than i can add this condition, but unable to add this condition with a reusable dropdown

Can you please tell me a way to build this?

Use custom states when working with reusable elements. They are your portal to send information into and out of a reusable element. Maybe try this: When the drop down menu’s value is changed, set a custom state of the reusable element to that value. You can then set the default value of the input on the page to the reusable element’s custom state’s value.

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