Add a custom thing to a list in App Data tab

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Here’s the problem I’m having. For context, this application is an interactive tutorial website where students can browse “Tools” they can add to their “Toolbox.” Each “Tool” has its own list of “Steps” the student can follow to master the “Tool.”

I made two custom Things, and one nests inside the other.
The custom type “Tool” contains multiple fields like “Title” and “Subtitle” of type “Text” and a list called “Steps” of type “Step.”
The custom type “Step” has multiple fields, like “Index” of type “Text” and “Picture” of type “Image.”

The trouble came when I tried to write data into my database (“Data” menu/“App Data” tab/“New Entry” button). When I create a new entry in my database of type “Tool,” I can successfully enter in my “Title” and “Subtitle” but I can’t figure out how to add to my list of “Steps.” There is a text field I can type in and a button to the right that says “Add;” I just don’t know how to use it! How do I populate my Tool’s list of Steps in this menu?

I’ve attached a screenshot with a question mark by the field I’m confused by.

Thanks for all your help!

Firstly, have a look at the Primary Field view.


In here you can set the field you want to search on for each table, so in your Step … whatever the name of the step is that you would search.


When this is set up you can enter your search, and any steps that are already set up can be selected and added. Obviously you will need to set up the Steps first !

It is often easier to create an admin page for these sorts of things, particularly if they are complex.

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

Now I have a better understanding of primary fields as well. But you’re quite right, having a custom admin page for creating/editing content is definitely the way to go for me because my data is very hierarchical.

Thanks again!