Add a like without being registered


I have some event and a text “‘number’ are interested”. Number which increase everytime time a registered user clic on “interested”.
But I would people to do it without being registered

Sure, but what would prevent me from clicking it more than once?

That’s the hard part and why people choose to require people to log in.

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Tracking the IP should help avoid spams

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yes that’s true… but it is possible ?

If so, I can allow only one like per IP ?

Yes, it should help avoid spam clicks by the same user.

ok I will check a tuto for this, many thanks!

Likes shouldn’t be a number. They should be a thing. You can’t store any information about the like if it’s just a number (e.g date, who did it, what page they did it on…)

thanks but I don’t need to know who and when someone liked it