Add a list of things to user on sign up based on field value

Upon new user sign, up I want to add a list of default plans that are available to a user based on that user’s employer.

I have the list of “available plans” for each employer, I just need to be able to add it to the user once they’ve signed up and selected their employer.

Ideas? Thank you!

Hi there, @mfsmillie… if I understand your post correctly, you probably have a field on your User data type that is a list field to store a user’s available plans. With that field in place, setting a user’s available plans should be as simple as running a workflow that makes changes to the user, and the change to make would be something like available plans set list Search for Available Plans, with a constraint on the search where an available plan is associated with the current user’s employer.

Oh, I guess you could also just search your Available Plans data type any time you need to reference the current user’s available plans, and you would constrain the search to plans that are associated with the current user’s employer.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. Pretty close.

I can get all the plans to return, but I cannot constrain the search.

I have a plan table with all the plans and then an employer table with a list field of their available plans. There doesn’t seem to be a way to constrain search to plans that are associated with the current user’s employer

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 11.23.53 AM

How are you associating users with employers?

Making some adjustments. this may be the issue…

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made the employer a type
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.04.07 PM

Still can’t constrain by the user’s employer.

thanks for the continuing help!

It doesn’t look like you are associating a plan with an employer within the Plans data type, so you would probably have to do a search for employers with an advanced filter on the search. I probably wouldn’t want to go that route, so I would likely add a field to the Plans data type that ties it to an employer.

Oh, wait… my bad… you should be able to do something like List of Plans Avail set list Current user's Employer1's available plans or List of Plans Avail set list Result of step 1's Employer1's available plans.

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Rock & Roll! Much appreciated.

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