Add a new field in Live User Data types

Hello, dumb question I imagine but I’m not expert. I need to add some new fields in the User Data types but I don’t want to change or delete the data that are still in Live User Data table (I want to keep all my User data safe). How can I do ? TY

Hi there, @smoitel… do you just need to add new fields or do you need to add new fields and populate the new fields with data? If it’s the former, simply add the new fields in development and push them to live, and you will be fine because pushing new fields to live has no effect on the data in live. If it’s the latter, you will need to populate the new fields with data in a way that doesn’t affect your live data. For example, if you have populated the fields with data in development, you wouldn’t want to copy data from development to live because you could be overwriting live data that is already in the existing fields.

Hope this helps.


Yes it helps. It was so simple. sorry and TY

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